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HFM is one of the earliest equipment manufacturers that publish Machine Product Quality Assurance Statement. Its marketing and service network is throughout more than and 30 provinces, municipalities and autonomous regions in China, and its products is exported to Europe, Asia, America, Africa, Australia and other over 30 countries and regions around the world.

In the process of technological and service innovation, the customer satisfaction and experience of the company are increasingly rising. in addition to the traditional services such as rapid response, training and systematic customer visits, for single equipment and stamping line produced by HFM, we can connect to the customers’ servers at their request and provide network monitoring and remote service. 

There are experts in electrical control, hydraulic, mechanical and automation fields in the sales and service departments of the company.  The service department is the "National Outstanding Customer Services Station". The principle "whenever and wherever possible" and "attentive in the whole process" is throughout the whole process of customer service from pre-sale, in-sale to after-sale. The internationalized marketing and customer service have provided strong support for the rapid development and continued growth of HFM.

We offer the following services: process analysis; equipment selection; project management; investment budget; equipment installation, commissioning; trial production; customer staff training; relevant procedures improvement; timely supply of quality spare parts; mould and automation auxiliary facilities; modern transformation and overhaul equipment.

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