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The company has formed a R & D platform including national enterprise technology center, state-level engineering research center, state-level postdoctoral research station etc. A comprehensive technological cooperation has been conducted with many well-known international companies such as LAUFFER Germany, Siemens, BOSCH-REXROTH, PARKER etc. The company also has a close technological exchange with famous research institutions like China Academy of Machinery Science & Technology, Tsinghua University, Zhejiang University, University of Science and Technology of China and Hefei University of Technology. The company can adapt to the change of market demands very quickly with its comprehensive technology team specializing in mechanical design, hydraulic transmission, automation, intelligent software, processing technology, end customer process research, and product manufacturing process monitoring and control. HFM enjoys the advantage of quick development in new products, technology and processes.


The large sheet metal stamping hydraulic press, high-speed heat forming sets of equipment, 15000-ton aerospace structure deep drawing sets of equipment and other products developed and manufactured by HFM have been listed as major national science and technology projects. Its independently developed high-end hydraulic technologies such as servo control, pressure classification control, heavy load blanking buffer, automatic leveling and automatic correction, remote control, automation set integration, energy saving etc. are breakthroughs breaking the international monopoly. Some key technologies in mechanical press filed developed by the company like full automatic die change, synchronous control, multi link transmission, brake angle monitoring, clutch brake control, key parts manufacturing process etc. are representatives of industrial leading level and have help to achieve an automatic high flexible and high efficient production of large automobile covering parts.. 

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